Silver Birches

Silver Birches

This is beautiful Pat, I love the texture and colours of the painting

Lovely soft colours and great textures. A really interesting painting.

Cant believe this is your first time you used a knife, excellent work.! Really like the reflections and the colours. I started using a knife recently and find it a lot easier than a brush, I now do all my paintings with it.

Posted by K 0 on Sat 27 Aug 10:37:28

This is wonderful, Pat. I like the textures and colors you have achieved with painting knives. I also paint with painting knives.

Leave it alone it is great - better unfinished that painted sto death!! Liz

Thank you everyone for your very encouraging comments. I think I shall therefore take Liz's advice and leave it alone now.

A lovely painting, Pat - it has real depth, and I agree with the above comments to consider it finished as it is.

Beautifully done, with lovely variations of tones and spaces.

A brilliant first attempt with a knife Pat, love the composition.

Lovely work with the painting knife Pat, the birch trees are really nice. Many thanks for your kind comments on my "Crashing Waves".

A striking picture, fresh and lively work , I like everything about this painting

I tried knife - didn't work for me. You have cracked it, Pat. And you have given me a couple of ideas moving from figurative towards a focus on colour and composition. Isn't it just great if we can inspire each other?

I love the colours and textures in this one Pat.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is quite a small painting 12" x 9", painted on oil paper with palette knife. It's a bit of a semi abstract version of Skipwith Common in Yorkshire. It's common land with silver birches, pools, wildlife, rough grass and boggy areas where we often go to walk the dog. As it was the first time I'd used a knife to paint with, I wasn't sure what to expect, though it has turned out better than I hoped for. I think it is a bit unfinished, there were more leaves on the trees than I've painted here, so I might suggest them with a few more yellow dashes, then finally leave it alone

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