Mmmm, ice lollies!

Mmmm, ice lollies!

This is a charming snapshot of a happy moment - nothing better than an ice cream on a hot day! If this is your first watercolour of your grandchildren, then you have done a super job of it. I can see that you have deliberately played up the yellow and golds of the skin tones to show that there was strong sunlight. I also like your free and loose background. Tell me - what colours do you normally use for skin tones - just asking as I am always interested to know what people choose. I normally use Cadmium Red/Yellow Ochre/touch of Alizarin if I want a bit of warmth/a touch of cerlulean here and there. Everyone has their own favourites though that work for them.

Thank you very much for your encouragement Thea, it is much appreciated. Yes it was a rare hot day and I tried my best to loosen the background for the young subject matter. I used raw/burnt sienna for their skin tones. I used a mix of cobalt/prussian blue for the backround. Goodness, we are up late, time to sign off I think, work tomorrow!

This is an wonderful result for your first attempt at painting your grandchildren, Pat and it's full of sunshine and happiness with those lollies! You must do some more very soon...

You have caught the moment nicely. Lovely happy, sunny painting :)

Lovely immediate picture.You have made something very interesting of a potentially ordinary scene.

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A well chosen day off from work last week when the sun had it's hat on. First attempt at a w/c of my grandchildren c/c welcome to learn.

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