Hampton Court Flowers

Hampton Court Flowers

Hi Pat. But this is beautiful! I find the fixative darkens initially and lightens as it dries but buy a really good one as some show spots

Thank you Valerie glad you like it (my husband didn't:), just re-commented on your reply in your gallery. This gets confusing:)

It could almost be an abstract and yet you have captured the scene so well - if you know what I mean! Nice one Pat

This is beautiful Pat, I love the delicate pinks and greens against the blue background.

Beg to differ with your husband Pat - I think this is delightful and the colours are beautiful. The whole thing is so delicate and charming.

Yes i am afraid fixing pastel paintings is tricky, i have even tried goats milk, but it is easier to use kitchen paper and paperclips as a protector in the end :-) You really captured lovely flowers :-)

Beautifully painted, with a super palette.

Very pretty picture. i like it alot.

This is beautiful, the colours are so vivid and precise. I love the way the vase bleeds into the background. I envy you I tried pastel once but found it messy... Well done you...

Wonderfully delicate with super colours. I know nothing about pastels or fixing but the painting looks just fine to me.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have just started experimenting with pastels and this is my first floral attempt (way too difficult for me in w/c.) I have read of the arguments for and against fixing. I fixed this after photographing it and it certainly darkened the painting so I in the against camp now!. 30cm x 40 cm on Canson Mi-something!

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