I tried Lady Madonna after Carlo Dolci.


This is superb Denise, so much atmosphere!

Denise this is really good and you have done a really good job of painting it. I would love to be able to do a portrait this good. It has been good watching it develop. More please miss.

Incredible Denise, particularly the emotion shining from the eyes. You are doing extremely well and mastering this genre so well.

I think you are much better than you think you are Denise. This is a beauty and full of soul.

Thus is great Denise, the eyes are superb. I admire how you plough on and try anything. It's definitely worth it! Happy New Year to you.

Denise, you are doing exceptionally well in everything you turn your hand to. To think what you have achieved in 2021, think of where you will be at the end of this year!

That looks very good, Denise!

Thanks for your very kind comment's, they are very much appreciated Carrie, Ellen, Paul, Carole, Heather, Sarah, Fiona and David.

Another one under the belt, Denise. As Fiona and others have said, your progress is amazing. Learning is definitely by doing. Now I’m off to paint while the light is still good.

Beautiful eyes so full of emotion. Well done Denise.

Fine work, Denise. You have the soulful gaze just right.

The eyes are fab Denise. Very well done indeed!

Wonderful Denise, fabulous eyes!

As you know, my only criticism of this is the nose - and as I haven't seen the original painting you've modelled this on, that might have been a deliberate technique on the part of that artist (whose work I don't know). I don't think anyone finds portraiture easy: it's widely accepted as being the most difficult genre, and it's to your great credit that you're having a serious go at it. Try a self-portrait (I think you have, in drawing), or painting a friend - keep 'em supplied with coffee and biscuits: you'll learn much more from working from a real person, the play of light on features, the different colours of flesh thin over bone, plumper over jaws (perhaps), both requiring different hues and tones. A photograph just won't give you all that (I know: I've been trying it!). I echo all that everyone else is saying about your progress and determination - frightens me to think where you'll be in a year or two!

Thanks very much Marjorie, Christine, Lewis, Louise, Carole and Robert. Yes Robert, I do intend painting from live people, I'm just building up some experience and bottle before I attempt a portrait of a live person but I am looking forward to giving it a try at some point.

There's so much to admire in this Denise and I echo what everyone else has said about your progress.

Wow,that is increiable. Beautifully painted.

Great tones in this and the eyes are especially well done I think.

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I've just spent a couple of hours this morning trying to finish it. I'm learning about portraits and although this isn't the best attempt, I accept I am learning. I also enjoy reading about the artist and getting a feel for them before I have a crack at their work. I must say, I envy artist who can just go ahead and paint a portrait with ease, I have real difficulty doing them but I hope one day, with plenty of experience, I won't find them as difficult as I do at the moment.

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