After Anders Zorn. Ola Maria.


I applaud your courage and tenacity Denise, I think you’ve done a wonderful job of your portrait.

Well you’ve positioned the eyes much better, they look fine. It’s a difficult challenge you set here, but a decent effort. You could have softened the shadows on the face a touch, by mixing a mid tone between the light and darkest areas, but well done!

Denise I love this, and the expression that you have captured. The muted palette and the pattern on the head scarf is also very effective. I think you should be very proud of this.

A very expressive, bold portrait using the Zorn palette Denise.

Well all I can say is well done you , it’s excellent Denise and you have shown such a vast improvement in your portrait painting.

Good to watch this develop in the forum and to see that adjustments you made. Well done, looks good.

Saw it on the forum and this is a great result. It's not easy with that palette, you should be pleased with this.

Very expressive and effective well done

Such a good, well painted portrait Denise. Love the colours you've used.

Great that you’ve come through this with a positive vibe, Denise. A great learning curve here!

You are all so very kind, thanks very much Fiona, Alan, Carrie, Carole, Paul, Tony, Lewis, Moira, Louise and Marjorie.

A really good effort Denise. I haven’t seen your forum versions, but I like this. I love the Zorn palette and have used it several times in portraiture, including a self portrait in the portrait album on my art page on here.

Well done Denise!

Well done Denise, you have impressed me again : )

Always a good idea to use the masters as exemplary work. A challenge! Your tenacity will prevail, Denise!

I think it's very good and I like the way you have painted this

You're comments are much appreciated, thanks Frank, Russell, Linda, Diane, Thalia and Heather.

Lovely piece of work, Denise.

I love this, Denise…..I wonder what she’s thinking.

Very good Denise, talking about the Zorn palette someone wrote that it’s use brings the painting together in a way that a more traditional palette might not, and that shows here. I’m liking it!

Especially considering where you started with this, you've pulled it off brilliantly. Yes, I think I'll use the Zorn palette again, too - I love the combination of the red and the black, having avoided black for so many years. We all live and learn! Though few of us learn as quickly as you!

Thanks so much C Jones, Ellen Tessa and Robert. I'm thinking Robert, I should have spent a bit more time on this instead of rushing it.

So beautifully painted

Brilliant and really bold and fresh!

Hang on Studio Wall

I'm trying to learn how to do portraits, so I'm copying a few at the moment to get some experience, just doing them from eye. I was practising using the Zorn Palette. I know there are many faults with the portrait but on the whole, it has been a very useful exercise fore me to do and I will use the Zorn palette again.

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