Neville Hayes

Neville Hayes

I like the simplicity of form and colour. It works for me! We all have lots to learn, Neville. My father paints too and he always says that an artisit is only as good as his last painting, as the learning process is an ongoing thing. Jane

Thankyou Jane for your encouraging comments .Your father hit it on thr head! Neville

Great movement in your painting Neville, and I love the colours you have used.

Hi Marie, Thankyou for your encouragement but the credit really goes to the excellent artist Arnold Lowrey who set the exercise in the Leisure Painter! in the first place!

Hello Neville. I am 57 years of age and have only been painting seriouly for about 4 years but the one thing that I have learnt that matters more then anything else is enthusiasm and enjoyment. If these stop the painter in side dies. Happy painting.

Hello David, How right you are in your comments.That wiil give me a spur to carry on and enjoy painting .It is good to encourage one another.

Hi Neville, Thanks for your kind comment and yes it was a very windy day! Had a job hanging on to my easel :-) I really like the above painting.. very viibrant and atmospheric.. colours remind me of some of the Scottsh painters! Good stuff Happy painting regards karl terry

Hello Neville, It is always nice to have a new name pop up in the gallery comments. Thanks for taking the time to do that. It gave me a chance to discover your work too. If you lose yourself in the painting process as much as i do, then we are both having a lot of fun hours! You might be right about the bird being something else than a chickadee. I sourced a lot of photos from the "flickr" photo sharing site for research and trust the photographers!!. Claudine Brierley

Hello Neville, Thank you for your comments, it really is very much appreciated. I like your brush work in this one and like the other comments have said, we are all learning each time we paint. Regards, Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Thu 17 Jul 01:11:56
Hang on Studio Wall

This was a exercise on the Leisure Painter JULY 2003 by ARNOLD LOWREY. i did this on a canvas which I had used before but Whited it out. I am not a beginner but have lots to learn

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