Gnome Cartoon 45

Gnome Cartoon 45

PLEEEASE keep them 'Carmen' Michael, this one takes the biscuit! made me laugh out loud this morn. Love the dream-catcher too also Cedric having fun, what more could we ask? ;o))

What a lovely sight to see them all together Michael! A snail and all!! I do miss the time when we had the Snail Club in full swing and I enjoy all your cartoons. So,don't give up, we cannot loose Cedric!!

Quite an epic this one Michael, it reminds me a little of a circus, with all the acts on the ring. great imagination and lots of fun.

It's great Michael, please don't give up, a lot of us enjoy these cartoons and as Satu says, it all started with the Snail Club! My cartoon drawing brain seems to be switched off at the moment in favour of the one-liners but, who knows, a one liner cartoon?

Keep them coming Michael. You have found your niche.

I love seeing them as well Michael so keep going if possible! You bring fun to the site which is a good thing in my book.

Please keep posting them Michael, you and the snail club were my inspiration!

Thanks all - I feel exonerated - something will undoubtedly pop into my vacuous mind for another cartoon -

Your cartoons are always hilarious, Michael! Keep them coming!

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Getting a bit tetchy about keep posting these - I am sure not everyone shares my odd sense of humour. Anyway for those who do I thought I'd bring a few characters together for a change. Sorry Arsin Gear isn't in it but she's gone away for the weekend with her friend, Carmen Getit

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