Interesting Michael. Wood is fascinating. After serving 16 years as a patternmaker I used all kinds of wood and have a clock at home made from a 300 year old elm. I look forward to the next one.

I like it very much Michael. Wood sculpture would appeal to me far more than sculpture in hard materials, like Jim I will look forward to the next one.

I have a habit of picking up, begging and buying scrap metal...not sure what that says about me....but I usually make something from all the bits and pieces some are recognisable and some aren’t. I’m into barbed wire at the moment! I like the forms in this and the way you’ve put it together Michael.

Thanks Jim, Sandra and Fiona - I love playing with bits of material - you can come up with some great sculptures - quite modernistic. No doubt if it was in bronze it would be worth a fortune.’s lovely. I’ve bought wood sculptures from Barbados in the past, a man used to sit under the trees and sculp beautiful figures, I have two of them. Wood is so tactile.

Beautifully put together Michael, a great sculpture.

Thanks Ellen and Carole - so pleased you like it.

What a clever chap you are Michael. This is fab, wonderful shapes, looking forward to the next one.

Thanks Margaret - I also love shapes and this inspires much of my painted art - and it's the same with this piece - all about shapes.

This is splendidly idiosyncratic...right up my street. There's a little group of art based galleries in Bosham near me, one fellow does this found wood sculpture...fabulous. Makes me want to start combing the beaches and have a go myself.

Why not have a go Lewis - it's great fun to do.

Hang on Studio Wall

Following a discussion in the Forum I said I would post a couple of my recent found wood sculptures - I will be interested to see what others think of them. This one is approx 12ins long.

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