With your art background and understanding of your materials Michael this makes a striking and interesting image. Yes saw the forum on abstract. My thought is to make a “good” piece of abstract art you first need to understand the principles for making art. Many of those that talk about braking the rule have probably never grasped them in the first place.

I totally agree with you John. I strongly believe an artist needs to do an 'apprenticeship' in more traditional recognised genres before successfully moving on into abstract work. Thanks for commenting.

I heartily agree with both of you - you need to know what you are doing to paint an abstract. We've all seen the "abstracts" where people paint them because they can't paint! And, the famous abstract painters know their stuff - early work of Picasso, Mondrian et al. On to your abstract here Michael, I like it very much, the colour and feeling of light.BUT - I don't like the title, excuse me for saying that.

Thanks Marjorie - I give all my abstracts a title which has no meaning - the word is invented - the reason for this is because I want the viewer to make up his mind as to how he interprets it - I don't want to lead him (or her of course) in any direction. Thetrivious to rhyme with bet...divvy...erse - if you see what I mean. Anyway can you think of a better title - always open to suggestions.

Not seen this one Michael great stuff

Thanks Dennis and Gudren.

Don't remember this Michael, it is lovely brilliant marks and textures and striking colours.

The red is so eye catching, it positively shines!

Just love this Michael, brilliant colours and wonderful composition. More please!

Wow, a cosmic explosion of colour Michael.

Absolutely agree with the comments. We need to understand what makes a good composition and have painting and drawing skills before moving on to abstract work. This is good Michael :)

Thanks so much for all your kind encouragement Carole, Sandra, Margaret, Fiona and Louise

Beautiful abstract painting, Michael.

Abstressionist - trying to find the best place, where you'll see it, to say what a wonderful word! Just love it, and the "stress" part is so spot on as far as I'm concerned, especially when attempting abstracts. Just had to say! Mind if I use it to categorise mine if I ever get back to abstract? (Hoping to, but need a new technique).

A dramatic explosion of colour, Michael, and a classic jusxtaposition of light and dark. Wonderful, evocative imagery.

Thanks Nigel - it's now hanging in the living room !!

Hang on Studio Wall

I am posting this following a discussion in the forum - I may have posted it previously so if you've seen it before please forgive me but I can't find it if I have. Acrylic ink on mountboard - size: 17ins square and looking at me in the study as I type this.

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