It's got the period feel all right - somewhere, I have old photos of the village I grew up in, in two books published by a local photographer who took many of them himself; and others taken by his forebears, right back to around 1850 - your painting reminds me of them. Some of the houses and shops are still there, but hardly recognizable; others have long gone, including a local 'gaiety theatre', which I remember as a cinema known locally as 'the fleapit', because - it was! Can't help but wonder what it was like to live in those houses, but at least it should have been a lot quieter than village life today: no cars, no aeroplanes......

Interesting Michael. Its also a "different " view of Chester , certainly not a bit i know , i know Chester quite well. Nice sense of place . Good to see you back on here .

Thanks to you all. Sylvia - I doubt if much, if any, of it still exists. I quite enjoyed painting this although the penwork took much longer than the watercolour - in fact it took twice as long as I usually take with my watercolours. It actually looks really good in a modern frame and with an open studio event this weekend coming who knows - said he hopefully.

Lovely and full of character Michael.

Welcome back Michael, interesting to look back in time, with this good piece.

A quaint nostalgic view of buildings and life as it was Michael. Much quieter and less stressful than life today. A beautiful painting.

Ps, nice to to see you, to see you nice. 🙄

You've definitely caught the time. All the best for the Open Studio.

Thanks to you all - currently about to produce labels for the artwork then clean up the studio to make it presentable ready for open studios - being opened in association with the Harborough Cluster.

Michael... good to see you posting again, I've had a very lean spell but now out in Spain my enthusiasm is coming back slowly. A superb architectural piece indeed and quite a challenge - I love to challenge myself and this scene would fit the bill.

Thanks Alan - I envy you in Spain - my bolt hole is our apartment in Cyprus but don't get out there that often these days. I really got into this and might be doing a few more along these lines. Quite a challenge as you say especially in getting the pen work right but such good fun to do and very effective in a modern setting which quite surprised me.

What a great painting, Michael. Glad you are posting again!

Love the nostalgic feel to this :)

Thanks Mia and Sylvia - will be trying my hand at a few more in due course.

Beautifully detailed, Michael. The two people bring it to life.

Welcome back, Michael! And what a cracker to mark your return!

So good to see your lovely work again Michael. This is a super piece with loads of character, I'll bet things have changed there now!

Thanks so much Ellen, Seok and Margaret. It's now framed and does look good - thanks for kind comments.

Like this piece Michael , like the subject and your treatment of it,

Tu es jolie la nostalgie....gorgeous drawing Michael and good to see you here again.

Thanks Graham Thanks Satu: Oh oui, certains disent de bons moments mais je suis trop jeune pour me souvenir

It's a splendid piece Michael and I love the variety of lovely colours used in the houses

Thanks Dermot - colours used limited to: raw sienna, burnt sienna, light red, ultramarine and burnt umber. The only other colours used in the painting were cobalt blue and cad red for the slates on some houses.

Hang on Studio Wall

Loosely based on an old dilapidated copy of a black and white print from yesteryear . Pen and watercolour size framed 18ins by 14ins. Nice to be back - will try to get round to looking at what's in the gallery and commenting .

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