Recent Commission

Recent Commission

Nice job Michael. I'm sure your clien will be delighted.

And it's beautiful .... well done, I'd have struggled with this, I'm sure, if I just had a photograph to work from and had never visited the place.

Looks a duper place and you have done it proud Michael.

Thanks Jim, Robert and Stephen. I tried to make it nice and sunny even though the photo was taken on a dreary day.

It looks idyllic Michael. The client should be pleased.

Beautiful light especially done from a dull photo Michael lovely

Thanks for taking a look Ellen and Dennis.

It looks wonderful Michael, I'm sure your client will be delighted.

I hope so Margaret - just had it framed and ready for dispatch.

This is great, Michael. Beautiful building and perfectly executed as usual.

thanks Mia - must get into the habit of posting a bit more often - been engaged on other things of late.

Yes you must post more Michael. I always enjoy seeing your lovely watercolours here. This one is a beauty!

It's beautifully done, Michael - lovely palette and your trademark clean and clear washes. Top notch work!

Meticulous work Michael!

Thanks so much Louise, Seok and Linda - your kind comments are much appreciated.

Just found this Michael. Of course the only way to create this is from a photograph unless you are psychic. I do dead dogs on a similar basis. Great pic I bet your client is well chuffed.

Thanks Sylvia had this thought of you painting a dead dog with its legs in the air.

Splendid work Michael

Hang on Studio Wall

I am postng this in response to a discussion in the forum. It was painted from a photo provided via the internet which is always a it challenging when you have not visited the actual scene. As it's an internet request I don't even know anything about ithe building other than to say that it's in Hampshire and is intended for someone qwho has an apartment in the building.

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