War and Peace

War and Peace

As it happens so very often, the image is not very sharp, so it is better to enlarge it. Thanks :)

A lovely delicate painting portraying the worst of man's character ! A difficult subject .

Lovely concept Mia, you have combined the two elements well. Beautifully painted as always. And very emotive.

Very evocative and heartfelt piece. Beautiful, Mia.

Good luck with it Mia - deserves to do well.

I've seen a lot of paintings on this theme this year, unsurprisingly because this year was the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. I wouldn't disparage any of them, but found a few a bit obvious; sincere and touching in their way, but a little predictable in their attempt to combine the realistic with the ethereal. This on the other hand moves away from militaristic interpretations, it doesn't have a human figure in it to invoke pathos (or in fairness, respect) and I think it's all the better for it. Others may not - we do tend to go for the obvious these days: but for me, the less obvious, the less a picture is trying to lead me by the nose to a conclusion, the better. You have everything you need in this painting, without any suggestion of overstatement: this subject doesn't NEED overstatement.

Thank you very much for your supporting comments Avril, Sylvia, Thea, Michael and Robert. I really do appreciate them very much. Since I knew the theme of the exhibition (July), I was thinking and sketching but soon realised I wanted to paint something about not only WWI, but every war. Two weeks ago, we had a family-weekend (with children and grand-children) not far from Ieper (Ypres to you) and on the Saturday we went to see the Last Post under the Menin Gate. I never had such an emotional experience in the last years!! Hundreds of people from every age and nationality, at least 2 regiments of soldiers (one Scottish), a choir and a piper's group, all paying their respect during the minute of silence... and after the speeches saying out loud: "We will remember them!!!!!" and we will.... After the ceremony we showed our grand-children the more than 54,000 names on the walls and they were very impressed. It was a moment never to forget.

Only thinking about you the other day Mia. yes this is a very fitting tribute painting to the many who gave their lives. We certainly will never forget them. Good luck with your entry.

Thank you very much, Carole, for your positive comment. It is an exhibition, not a competition, but... Who knows, someone may be interested to buy it.

I like this Mia, and very well thought out.

I agree with the above; evocative, yet subtle. Good luck with it.

Speaks louder than any words Mia, beautifully done.

Thanks Frank, Gudrun and Fiona for your positive comment. I really do appreciate.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my entry for our annual 'Local Artists'-exhibition in Blankenberge. The theme this year was 'War and Peace' and I choose to combine the dove of peace with the destructed landscape of Flanders. I made a pen and wash, using a Unipin 0,8 Mitsubishi marker for the drawing. Thank you for having a look and maybe posting a comment. All are very welcome :) Mia

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