Jockey sketch

Jockey sketch

Beautiful sketch Mia

I am so totally envious of your drawing talents, Mia! Beautiful lines and superb form for both rider and horse. You've also captured the pair's movement and gait. It's delightful!

I just had to log in to comment on this posting, Mia. It is a truly wonderful drawing. It is a difficult angle, or perspective, in which to portray the horse but you have managed it perfectly. But in addition, the line variation adds tremendously to the overall interest. Well done!!

I agree with Seok, I am envious of your drawing talents, no pencil work - brilliant work Mia

Great drawing Mia - well done!

Brilliant sketch Mia.

Lovely sketch, and very skilled to draw straight away with a pen, Mia. Sad to hear about the death of two horses in our Grand National in the UK when they are such beautiful and graceful animals!

What super line work Mia - this is a great drawing

It's all been said but I just had to add my admiration too, Mia. A really beautiful drawing and it shows your skill off to perfection!

What wonderfully gifted hands you have Mia.Lovely stuff

Wow, so many lovely and positive comments. Thank you all very, very much. As you can see, working immediately in ink, the wrong lines stay on the paper. So I had to work very concentrated to capture the right shapes and proportions. Getting back to the nib pen and ink is also very rewarding. When watching the BBC news, I saw all those beautiful horses falling down.... so maybe this sketch could be a tribute.

Your best to date Mia. :)

Lovely sketch Mia .

excellant free flowing drawing!

Thank you very much Sarah, Denise and Amanda for your positive comments.

Mia - I keep returning to this sketch as it is so well drawn and I would love to use it as the basis for one of my minimal drawings - would you mind if I had a go at it ?

Michael, I am very proud about this request. Please do, I will feel very flattered/honoured. Good luck!

Thanks Mia - you're really kind - I have a bit of time today between cooking cleaning shopping etc (my wife is improving but it's going to be a slow process) so I'll try and see if I can do it today.

Sorry I'm a bit late but I just had to say what a super drawing this is. I would have to have done it in pencil first with a well used eraser by my side LOL

Thanks Val, I really appreciate your positive comments. Since my time at Art-School, where using erasers was not an option, I rarely use one, even before adding watercolour to a painting. Michael, I look forward to your version!

I don't know how I managed to miss this one - such confidence to go straight in with the pen and ink: and an excellent result.

Thank you very much, Robert, I really appreciate a comment coming from you. When sketching, I always try to start immediately in ink: it sharpens the concentration! If the drawing is too complicated (like 'Tornado Tom'), I do start with a few lines in pencil first and add all the details with a pen or marker.

Also missed this one Mia. Great shapes and flowing movement.

Thanks Sylvia, I appreciate that you took the time to have a look at my gallery and post those lovely comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

A "quick" sketch from a picture in a magazine using a nib pen and Indian Ink. No pencil drawing, I started immediately in ink. Thanks for having a look and maybe posting a comment.

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