Tea and cups


Gorgeous, just gorgeous :)

Wow, I am speechless

Very clever and so beautifully painted. Love the tea in cups

Wonderful painting and the shadows are super.

Superb, what can I say, art in everything and the way you have painted tea itself is amazing

Unusual , brilliant and beautifully painted.

Superb and delightful! All those circles too! You should be proud.

So delicate, absolutely gorgeous 😍

Thank you for all the lovely comments!

A perfect cup of tea and the light is spot on, brilliant.

Amazing piece of Watercolour! Amazing!

Outstanding as always!

amazing watercolour!

Brilliant painting so skilled.

Hang on Studio Wall

"Tea and cups" in watercolour I love Tea!

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I'm a Japanese watercolour artist in Brazil I love to share my painting techniques and tips and I keep myself motivated to look forward to each day. Mayumi Watercolor Youtube link www.youtube.com/channel/UCkjKqRrA30mxHl0sLsp7oWQ Instagram link www.instagram.com/mayumitaguchi_art

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