I really like this little still life Marjorie, it has real impact!

I don't know how you do it...painting in oil is hard enough, but with a palette knife? You've done well to depict it that way. I thought that it was pastel..silly me, clever you!

This is rather nice Marjorie I like palette knife paintings I used to do them . I see painting in terms of mark making and palette knives can make lovely marks this is a good example well done

I like this Marjorie. The colours are excellent, those touches of blue in the background near the glass look good and the fact that it's slightly off centre works very well.

Oh I like this Marjorie....very much. The colours, the subject and the application, great little study.

Your lovely palette makes this Marjorie, but is it really 6 foot x 6 foot?

Ha ha, I like it Frank! The mind boggles.....6"" x6" of course. Don't think anyone else noticed, phew! Thanks everyone for those lovely comments.

This is absolutely stunning work, Marjorie - love your palette, composition and brushwork. Everything works beautifully together!

Simple composition and all the better for it as it allows the viewer to concentrate on the beautifully painted elements. Lovely work.

Very effective - I too was tricked into thinking it was done in pastels. You handle a palette knife very sympathetically and have produced some lovely marks. This is lovely - look forward to a larger one.

It is lovely.

Thank you, Seok, Thea and Julie.

I fell for the pastels as well. Like how you have captured the stems in the water

Sorry it's taken me so long to comment. I'm the lucky one who's seen this painting 'in the flesh' and it is a beautiful little piece. (Have also got a greetings card of it!!!) I just love your still life paintings - in whatever medium you choose to use. Agree with everything everyone else has said. Look forward to seeing more.

Thank you so much, Maureen and Doranne.

Hang on Studio Wall

6"x6" on canvas with a palette knife. Changing from acrylics to oils and learning....Doing small, quick studies before I tackle a larger one. Think it's finished.

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