This is most definitely the best Marjorie, those turquoise shutters echo the colours in the jug and glass bottle and compliment the pink of the flower heads perfectly. You have really achieved your objective of the light streaming in. You must be very pleased with it, it's beautiful!

Is this the same painting re-worked, or a completely different study? If the former, I admire your ruthlessness with a subject you'd had reservations about, as well as the result you've achieved because I feared you'd overwork it if you did this. I'm not sure I'd say it was better than your other versions - need to look at it for longer to form any opinion about that - but it certainly works.

Developed beautifully Marjorie well done

First of all, thanks for looking yet again! "In the flesh" so to speak, there is so much more paint and texture on it so I definitely prefer it. I actually painted over the top of the other version so I only have a photo reference left but I feel I took it forward in terms of applying the paint.

Lovely result Marjorie. Definitely lots of atmosphere, well done.

i think your colour choice is superb and the textures are interesting- it made me want to stay and examine the painting - it has real staying power- oh & you've captured the light which is SO difficult

Nice piece Marjorie I do feel its greatly improved well done love the atmosphere .

Hang on Studio Wall

Didn't feel right before so I went to town with the painting knife! It's a struggle to get an "atmosphere", one of light streaming in. I think I learned something from it so next time it might be easier.

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