Taking a break - watching CBeebies


This beautiful- very sensitive drawing

Marjorie this is absolutely brilliant, so beautifully drawn, I can imagine your passion to get it spot on and you have, I hope you are going to have it framed it’s so worth it.

Very sweet and personal.

Beautiful pencil sketch Marjorie.

Thank you all for the lovely comments, I certainly loved sketching him.

I've witnessed that expression and pose so many times Marjorie, and you've captured them perfectly, it's a fabulous drawing.

Amazing work Marjorie this is lovely if I only had half your talent I would be happy.

So good. Great expression on the child's face.

A wonderful innocent moment in time, Marjorie. I also like the little face on, what looks like an Eccles cake in the child's hand :)

Posted by C Jones on Wed 19 Feb 08:48:50

Such a natural pose and superbly captured moment of intense concentration, lost in his own world. Beautifully, sensitively sketched Marjorie.

I thought you'd written "Fab pencil sketch". And it is JUST that. The pose, expression and thought are all there. It's wonderful how you've caught concentration, Marjorie, and I love the way you've managed to capture weight on the cushion. At what point will he turn his attention to that snack, I wonder. Bri

Fabulous Marjorie, what a sensitive portrait demonstrating excellent drawing and observational skills

Lovely drawing Marjorie, what a sweet child....

A delightful scene, beautifully captured, Marjorie.

This is delightful, Marjorie. So sweet.

Just lovely, Marjorie

Ha ha, CJ - I hadn't seen that little face, they were sultanas on the top of his scone. Brian, when he finally turned his attention to the snack, he just ate the top with the butter and fruit. Typical kids! Thank you very much, all of you, for the lovely comments. The last month and a half of producing a sketch each day, as Margaret suggested on the forum, (although at times, for each of us, has had its difficulties), on the whole has proved really beneficial in terms of discipline , enjoyment and inspiring each other.

Lovely work Marjorie, don't think iv'e commented on this in the forum.

Wonderful pose Marjorie, you’ve caught that intense interest.

Absolutely fantastic Marjorie - you've caught that absorbed look in his expression and in his posture, the way he's holding the food and drink - just super.

Wow your so talented your drawing are fab

Thank you all again for those later comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Feb pencil sketch of my youngest grandson.

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