Hanging. Coloured pencil and pen

Hanging. Coloured pencil and pen

I quite liked that one Malcolm. Love this one. Best bit is the rusty hinge on the gate.

Really good this one Malcolm, love the rusty hinge and the woodwork is great too. Don't be too critical of your work Malcolm;)

And come back with a flourish Malcolm, although I can't see what was wrong with the last posting....something you had to get out of your system....and it's worked. I think what stands out in this one is the stone (?) gate post, the wood grain and as Adele pointed out, the rusty hinge. It's a hinge with attitude, nothing flimsy, it's certainly up to the job!

Thank you Adele, Carole and Fiona for your much appreciated comments they meant a lot. Yes Fiona it is a stone gate post, I am glad you all liked the rusty hinge, it's modelled on myself getting old and rusty LOL . It is typical of a lot of the farm gate hinges before they started using metal gates.

Nice one Malcolm, a scene reminiscent of many of the lanes around where I live. Nicely done.

Thank you very much for your comment and observations Andre much appreciated, yes sadly it is becoming a far to frequent sight in our landscape, a kind of beauty out of sadness if you like.

Thanks Michale, much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Basically me getting back to normality after the disaster of posting the picture BARE BONES my mental art break down so to speak. Anyway hopefully back to my normal kind of thing.

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