Pack Horse Bridge Burbage, (new photo) watercolour

Pack Horse Bridge Burbage, (new photo) watercolour

Some lovely work in here Malcolm

Very atmospheric Malcolm.

Thank you so much Margorie and Dennis, it is one of my favourite local areas and at the right time of day and year always atmospheric, this is one of the areas I always started groups and individuals off in when introducing them to the hills, such a lovely area to enjoy (when the crowds are not there).

I remember this Malcolm, this new photo really does it justice. It's got much more depth, the foreground looks stronger in tone. It's a lovely watercolour.

Thank you Fiona, I can't believe I posted that original photo in the first place.

Love the mists Malcolm, really effective.

Thank you Carole, I use to do a lot of mist at one time, mainly I think because it always seemed to be misty, foggy or cloudy when I was on the hills :))), thanks again for your nice comment appreciated.

Must have missed this one Malcolm, really like the mist effect you have captured it gives the painting so much atmosphere and the composition and colours you have used in this watercolour . A nice piece .

Thanks for that Graham much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

The first posting of this I put on the gallery I realised after one comment, did not show the true colours of the painting, so I have taken a new and hopefully more faithful reproduction of the painting.

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