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Another excellent representation of our rural history Malcolm. We have the stone style steps here in the stone dykes as they are known in Scotland. There is a bridge over a burn at the bottom of the garden which have these stone style steps, it’s quite a long drop from the lane.

Thank you for that Fiona as much appreciated as ever, you sound lucky to live were you do, when I first came to this area as a very young boy we lived in a bungalow type house in the middle of the fields, best time of my life.

I agree with Fiona, Malcolm. I also grew up in a farming area in Scotland with dry stane dykes but I've never seen a "sheep creep" (at least that I can remember) - what a great idea. Very nice sketch.

Thank you very much for your comments Margaret, I really appreciate it especially when it is from folk who know about these things from experience.

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The next in my Dry Stone wall series is of a wall in the Lake District that has a sheep creep in it and a step style. The sheep creeps are built into the walls of a size to let the lambs through to the next field but not adults and can be closed with boards or in this case stone slabs, the step styles you see are were horizontal slabs of stone have been built into the wall protruding out enough to form a kind of staircase.

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