Mossy Wall try again, pen and wash sketch

Mossy Wall try again, pen and wash sketch

A very nice study Malcolm with good texture and observation

Thanks for that Dennis, that's a relief after the first disaster.

I like the way you have done this Malcolm, especially the way you have done the tree.

Some great pen work and I like the moss application, did you use a sponge?

Thank you for that David much appreciated, I was pleased with the tree myself so thanks for that.

Thanks Carole, no I did not use a sponge, I actually used a stipple brush I have among my watercolour brushes, I also find it works well for foliage also.

No problem Carole I just find it gives me more control than a sponge in some situations. I also made one myself to use for trees like Scots Pine, I took a simple stipple brush and the squashed the bristles fairly flat and held them that way with a thin strip of metal, when dipped into paint and applied this gives you the thin foliage branches of the pine without it being a solid colour, works well.<br />

Great idea, you should patent that Malcolm ;)

Superb Malcolm! This looks so much more relaxed and natural, good for you giving it another go! Again your tree is the star, great shape and super pen marks describing the rough textures. What&#39;s next????lol

Thanks Carole and once again Fiona, I had to revisit this one after such a disaster as the first effort, as for what is next, over my years on the hills I have literally ended up with hundreds of slides and photos ranging from flowers rock and ice shapes in the high mountains so who knows? The formations on the Lava fields in the uplands of whould you believe Tennerief are quite amazing, great walking there.

This has worked really well - lovely dynamic penwork and loose washes make this a super little vignette.

Thank you very much for that Thea, all such comments are encouraging.

Hang on Studio Wall

After the first disaster I desided to have another go at the wall, suppose I should call it 'wall and tree' after Fiona suggesting the tree would have made a study on its own, I have done this more in keeping with what was there in relation to the wall and not been as heavy with the wall, thanks for all the advise on the first attempt.

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