Blue Ballet 2 acrylic 12inx 15in

Blue Ballet 2 acrylic 12inx 15in

I've had a peek at the first one again Malcolm, I like this one. The movement you've captured is good and they do look as though they are having a great time.

Thanks for that Fiona, I am thinking of filling most of the sky with a light cirrus type cloud to highlight the Dolphins even more ?

We can't get them right first time Malcolm a fine effort

So right Dennis, thanks for your comment appreciated

Malcolm thank you very much for your comment, it’s lovely to hear from you, I hope you are well. I’ve left a reply to your comment, I hope this means you will start posting again.

Hi Malcolm, I'm glad that I found this great painting of Dolphins. It's full of movement and fun. Well worth returning to an idea for future paintings. It's always hard to paint for somebody else because they have their own ideas in their mind which is nothing like we are thinking on the same subject. I have a mackerel to paint for a commission ; wish me luck!

Thank you Sarah thanks for your comment glad you liked it, I will wish you luck with your painting of a Mackerel with the coloration they have that will be quite a challenge

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the second attempt at this painting as the person it was for did not like the colours on the first version so here we go again, I am really deciding I do not like wildlife after this it is definetly back to my mountains etc.

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