The Eighth Veil


This is stunning. You've developed a fabulous technique with these pens, Marilyn. Awesome!

Fantastic work Marylin the detail is incredible and must have taken ages to do!

All those different patterns – WOW! Executed in technical perfection and wonderful colours. I like this very much Marilyn.

Beautifully done, amazing detail.

Thank you so much Lewis, Detlev, Christine and Paul for your encouragement.

Stunning result from a fascinating tecnique.

Wowee Marilyn, a tour de force!

Incredible skill and talent portrayed here. The method you have used has added another dimension. How an earth did you complete all those intricate patterns on her head dress?

Amazing work.

Peerless skill displayed here Marilyn, the head scarf is astoundingly good!

Lawks a-mercy! This must have taken you an age - I don't begin to have the patience for work like this: doesn't your back give out on you? It's a fabulous image - absolutely inimitable skill, and for me the highlight of the picture isn't even the magnificently captured drapery, but the reflected light in the skin. I admire it, but I wouldn't even think of trying to achieve the same myself - I'm too old, I don't think I've the time!

Stunningly beautiful! That material you can touch! Incredible talent!!

So beautiful. Amazing detail with the technique you use.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments Tony, Heather, Carole, Nandhini, Sylvia, Russell, Robert, Suzanne and Christine. By the way Robert I have four years on you so it’s never too late!!!

This is awesome - incredible detail.

Fantastic, such a pleasing portrait ' must have taken you weeks to get in all that detail.

Thank you so much Caroline and Noel.

Incredible work here. It would have driven me insane to do this. Beautiful.

Thank you so much Fred. Yes, it nearly drove me insane too but glad you think it was worth it!

A masterclas in value observation.

Wow,Stunning! love all your work, Marilyn.

Hang on Studio Wall

Couldn’t resist working from a rather exotic reference and doing this one in Faber Castell PITT artist brush pens so that I could embellish the detail in the scarf. The face is made up of thousands of different coloured dots. Well, I guess we all have time on our hands at the moment, don’t we?

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I went to Birmingham Art School straight after leaving school but had not considered my job prospects carefully enough at that age so left and did not consider taking up art again until much later in life. Now that I am retired I have much more time on my hands to paint and hope my artwork brings…

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