Midnight Cowboy - Yeee-ha! (Watercolour)

Midnight Cowboy - Yeee-ha! (Watercolour)

I agree Marilyn 🤗 Lovely portrait.

Thank you so much Carole - glad you agree.

That's fantastic to say its watercolour, a beautiful painting.

I can't judge the man, but the watercolour is wonderful and skillful.

Thank you Cesare, I appreciate your generous comments.

Superb work Marilyn. I love photorealism work and think it is so very clever, however there are many who disagree and say 'why not just take a photo'. I love it anyway!

This is so terrific and so difficult in watercolour - great work Marilyn

Thank you so much Maureen - much appreciated.

Yee ha indeed Marilyn! Excellent painting. If as you say you now take each stage photos would you consider posting some? I’m curious to see how you approach such a detailed portrait. I’m certainly no sceptic- just interested and maybe a little jealous! No problem if you’d rather not. I’m still a fan.

Thank you Margaret - Yes, I know there are many people opposed to photorealism but for me it is not about the invention of the camera but hopefully the skill of the painter in being able to use his/her eyes to represent the nuances and character of the face without the quickfire gratification of a machine like a camera.

Thank you Tessa. I would be happy to let you see the photos of the painting process but am not sure how I would go about this on a one to one basis because I don’t really want to publish the initial stages of the process on the Home page for all to see. If you can think of a way I will certainly send them to you.

Brilliant - I would never have guessed that it was a watercolour.

Thank you very much Linda - Yes, I think it is probably a very unconventional way of using watercolour and to purists probably an incorrect one but I guess that is what I do.

Thank you Marilyn I will try the “contact the Artist” facility to send you my email address if that’s ok. Not sure how or where it pops up your end but hopefully you’ll find it!

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I’m trying to create hyper realism in watercolour because I enjoy painting detail and I also enjoy painting beauty, be it male, female or animal - I think this young man qualifies. I’m sure you can all see it is a painting but I am now keeping stage by stage photos of my painting process as hyper realism creates sceptics unfortunately.

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