“Maybe it’ll fit next year?!!”


I guess the flat simplification of the hat and the realism of the little girl ought not to work. But I think it does, it's all beautifully painted/drawn of course, I think the difference adds interest. Marvelous work.

Really interesting combination and I like it a lot ... it does work!

Lovely combination, Marilyn, gorgeous painting.

I think this is beautiful.

Spot on with your observations Lewis - I think that’s what I’m struggling with. I feel pointillism for the face would be a better way of integrating the two styles.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments.

Well it’s an eye catcher Marilyn whatever your qualms. A very cute little lady.

Amazing work Marilyn. Love her hair, eyes patterns, oh everything.

A beautiful portrait, and painted so very well.

I think it works brilliantly, but your superb skills will make anything work!

Delightful painting!

A delightful picture, the little girls face and hair are stand out and the focal point. In my my opinion the surroundings are just that, surroundings, as your eyes are immediately drawn the the girls eyes. Your mind tends to fill in a lot of detail for you while you’re concentrating on the focal point. Well done Marilyn.

Wow, the face of the little girl is SO realistic , what wonderful painting!

Posted by Nerys B on Sat 31 Oct 23:27:45
Hang on Studio Wall

Still not sure about the marriage of coloured pencil and brush pens as I really prefer to use one medium only. Next time I may depart from reality a little more. Anyway, I’ll leave it to your judgment.

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