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First of all Marilyn I'm sorry to hear of your mishap and that you are soon painless and back to creating such beautiful art like this. Good luck.

This is a lovely and positive start Marilyn . So sorry to hear about your accident and hope you are soon feeling well. X

Thank you so much for your kind comments Chris and Tessa.

This is great

So sorry you had to suffer so much Marilyn. I really love this design it’s so different and beautifully done . Get well soon 🌷🌷

This is very interesting and the eye itself looks really good. Sorry about your accident and hope all mends well.

This is lovely! I feel your pain after doing the same a couple of years back 😕 hope you make a quick recovery

Well done for attempting this in the first place, it’s important to keep trying and good for the moral. You have done an excellent painting and it looks really good, I do like this type of work though this one looks Indian , I think it also has the Celtic artwork look to it.

Worth the pain (sorry to hear about it), this is a stunner, love it.

Love your pattern work and this is beautiful. Hope you are back to your old self soon.

Thank you very much Alan, Carole, Denise, Paul, Anne, Heather and Christine for your lovely comments and kind wishes. I would love to know whether you had an operation or not Anne, I have resisted so far but things don’t seem to be improving.

So sorry to hear about your accident Marilyn. Nothing worse than pain and I do hope it lessens with time. This is an amazing work of art. The eye is so lifelike it’s scary and the beautiful designs you create are wonderful. Take care and don’t be too ambitious. You will get there Marilyn.🌞🌞🌞

Amazing that you can do this with a broken shoulder! Hope you feel better soon.

An excellent painting, we'd never know the difficulties in making it, unless you'd told us. Hope your shoulders heals soon.

Ow! Wouldn't presume to advise on the virtues or otherwise of an operation, but I know from painful experience that fractures and soft-tissue damage such as you've endured can take a long time to show an improvement. As Lew said - you'd never know this piece had been accomplished when you were in so much pain; though it hurts, it will probably do your mental equilibrium good to work when you can. I've got to keep working on something, or my mental health zooms downwards into a black pit; but you're bound to find it a bad idea to over-do it!

Many thanks for your kind comments Emma, Lewis and Robert. I agree Robert, if I’m not doing some form of art I also tend to descend into a “black pit”!

Sorry to read about your accident. This is beautiful work… carry on ❤️

Really beautiful! So well designed. So sorry to hear of your mishap!!! Every good wish. X

Thank you so much Beatrice and Peter for your kind comments.

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This is a small mandala work I have just completed after an accident six weeks ago when I fractured my shoulder in two places and dislocated it. It was a test piece to see how painful I would find it and I’m afraid I did! Hope you like it anyway!

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