Aaaaah! (I hear you say)

Aaaaah! (I hear you say)

Gosh Marilyn this absolutely amazing. Fabulous eyes and fur in fact everything.

Magnificent Marilyn, just truly magnificent.

Thank you so much June and Jim for your lovely comments.

Superb work Marilyn, when you can achieve this level of detail in watercolour who needs oils!!!

Superb Marilyn! I see your comments about oils: have you considered the water soluble version (Cobra etc)? I have used them for probably two years now: no white spirit/turps needed. So much easier to clean up after though I must admit I still have my original oils and still think of them as “proper oils”!

Certainly ahh factor here Marilyn very beautifully done.

Thank you so much Barry, John and Carole. I bought some water soluble oils for my husband Tessa because he was starting to develop a cough by using conventional oils. Unfortunately we still found they had a distinctive smell. Thank you for suggesting them though that was very thoughtful.

Incredibly beautiful the way you have captured the cat's concentration and your attention to such detail Marilyn.

Welcome back on POL with this amazing painting as ever, Marilyn. I agree that you don't need to use oils because you manage so skilfully watercolours that they look like oil. The fur and eyes are superb.

fantastic painting.

Thank you so much Cesare and Linda for your lovely comments.

I would not have guessed that this is done in watercolour. Beautiful painting and yes oh so cute.

I've got to say it Marilyn - Aaaaaah!! What a little beauty, your attention to detail is marvellous and I love this one.

That's amazing - love it

Thank you Maureen - much appreciated.

This is amazing, I could never hope to capture this kind of detail.

Thank you David. I question sometimes how much detail I choose to put into my paintings but it’s detail I enjoy and I’m just glad when others enjoy it as well.

This is just fabulous and I love the dark background it really makes the colours of the cat pop !!

Thank you so much Audrey for your lovely comments.

Isn't only cute but so skilfully painted.

Posted on Sun 18 Feb 17:19:24

Thank you Ibolya for your lovely comments.

Great portrait of a cat with wonderful details.

Hang on Studio Wall

I realise this is a crowd pleaser but loved the colours and contrasts and am still working in watercolour despite the fact that oil may well suit the style because of my aversion to the smell and the long drying time.

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