Self portrait

Self portrait

An excellent portrait, Margaret, with great character and fortitude. It must be that concentration. *smile* I feel as though I've just been caught stealing the biscuits. LOL Bri

That’s excellent Margaret. I’ve given up on it’s put me off painting, not your portrait, mine!

This is very good for 20mins! Lovely colours too.

Thank you Dennis :) Thank you Bri :) Yup, I do look a bit dour! Thank you Fiona :) Don't let it put you off painting, Fiona! I find self-portraits hard but perseverance has paid off (at least a bit) - the last 2 were (as my husband said) scary! but he likes this one. Thank you Liezel :)

Good character in this - it’s really difficult I’ve found - i have to be in the mood. I started quite promisingly last week to have a go but by lunch time I had become an alien!! Will try again !!

Natural with great shadowing Margaret.

Thank you Rachel :) One of my recent ones (torn up and not posted!) - which was mixed media including collage using magazine/newspaper - apparently made me look like a cyborg - that was probably the text heading down my cheek - not a good look! I'm sure a future effort will be successful - hope you enjoy trying out the self portrait anyway. You might be interested in this YouTube video from Aine Divine (which was what got me doing self-portraits in the first place) -

They aren't so easy in watercolour, nicely portrayed though Margaret.

Excellent Margaret! I have tried twice ( not very successful) but will probably give it another go.

Thank you Satu. Don't know how many times I've tried over the years! Hope to see your attempt soon :)

Hang on Studio Wall

After a couple of awful attempts (navy blue clothing and overhead lighting gave dreadful shadows and made me look very gaunt) so I wore soft pink and stood in front of a sunlit window! Also, took specs off (as I find them impossible to paint and they are varifocals which can be a bit tricky anyway) - eyes are too big and should be greenish (but were in shadow) but rest is I think fairly accurate if a bit flattering - apart from the mouth which a friend said was very serious - (concentration!)! Watercolour on CP paper - 15-20 minutes.

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