Mnt Taranaki AKA Mt Egmont acrylic on board

DSC_0001 (2)

This has a great sense of space and place, quite beautiful.

Stunning sense of'being there', Mike, gorgeous!

Lovely volcano in winter. Good foreground too.

Great painting, Mike you've given the mountain great character.

Excellent work

my sincere thanks for the encouragement , it is appreciated. Can see both Egmont and the Volcanic Plateau from Wanganui - far enough away to appreciate it in safety , if and when they blow their tops ! - the Plateau has in the period of time I have been here, - a number of times.

Hang on Studio Wall
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One of our dormant volcanoes (last eruption in the 1800s ) located up the coast from where I live approx 2 hours drive. Has ice on its summit the year around (yes have been up to the top twice - walking) but to the degree seen in the painting - only during the winter months. Popular tourist scene

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