"Stubble " Ink technique stage 2

"Stubble " Ink technique  stage 2

Interesting!!! Must have a go!!!

All these different techniques appearing all over POL. Not totally sure what's happening, all I know is I'm looking at an excellent drawing.

Lewis , I was trying to show the sequence of producing a painting using the ink technique. The first stage is the drawing and painting any spaces I need keeping light with gum arabic. (not shown here) The painting is then coated with indian ink (brushed on) allowed to dry before washing under a tap. The theory is that the ink will lift where the paper was "protected" with the gum. I have extended the idea to use differing strengths of ink in order to obtain tonal variation. I also varied this particular base by actually drawing direct with 100% ink for the foreground because of the detail involved. I believe the original concept for this technique was using gouache instead of the gum . I reasoned out the use of the gum and found I had better control , similarly I haven't seen any reference to the use of dilutions of ink In effect , one produces something looking like a print effect which is then "coloured".

Thanks Mike, for the explanation of the technique...it produces great results.

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stage 1 was the actual drawing and application of the gum arabic. Stage 2 has seen the application of ink - at differing dilutions. The foreground was actually drawn with full strength , the middle portion very dilute , the back with 25 % dilution. The gum resist can be seen "cracking" in places

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