"The dog walkers" mixed media , ink technique Kai iwi beach.

"The dog walkers" mixed media  , ink technique  Kai iwi beach.

A lovely image, I particularly like the reflections and your use of colour. X

Posted by T T on Tue 09 Aug 10:51:39

Lovely colourful image Mike.

Brilliant....I want to join them with my dog.

Reminds me of one of the Glyn Macy online workshops :)

thanks for the comments. Mike C.

Wow, fantastic painting and great introduction. I really like the colours you have used.

Love the poem. And the painting. What I realise is that it breaks the general rule of movement into, rather than out of the picture. But it doesn't disturb at all. I wonder why. Is that just one of those rules made to be broken, perhaps?

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Anonymous and hooded up, Dog walkers exercise. The glory of the setting sun reflects not from their eyes.Their backs are turned from molten gold, from colours so sublime.Anonymous and hooded up , they walk in dog led line.

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