From the Dog Walk Field to Well Woods

From the Dog Walk Field to Well Woods

Like this - and could you re-post the other one, the right way up? I can still see it but would like to see it as you intended. Yes, melted oil pastel does have a look all its own, and I like it too.

Hello Robert, thank you for your kind comment, yes I have reposted the picture..doh!..more haste less speed...

Nice feeling that i can walk into this. It's when the oil pastels disintegrate to a complete shambely nothing. Are they Sennelier by any chance.? I amlooking for some that I have a bit more control over.

How did you guess, they are Sennelier. I love the intensity of the colours but they are REALLY soft. I like that quality. I first bought a set of Daler Rowney 24 pack of oil pastels to try out and liked them so much I wanted more choice of colours. Thats why I bought the Sennelier pack. However, the Dler Rowney ones are definitley harder.

Really lovely painting :-) I am imagining multi-coloured dogs now :-p

I am going to look for some harder pastels than sennelier, like you I was drawn to the colours. But I can't cope with the disintegration. So will use what I have and look around. A friend of mine brought some back from Spain, they are called Manley oil pastels, she loves them and the colours are amazing, also very cheap. But cannot find them here on the Internet or shops. So if you are off to Spain have a look.

I like this Louise, I feel everything you've described above, from it. Even your enjoyment.

Hang on Studio Wall

Today, I am off work, the kids have Karate camp and husband is at work, the sun is out...perfect day with no distractions for a bit of painting...I sit down in the field, sun is beating down..having a great time playing with colours and admiring the view.....and then the oil pastels start to melt...and then a passing dog decides to have a roll around with my dog ..melted oil pastels everywhere!!!! Still happy accidents and all that, I quite like the painterly look of melted oil pastels.

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