Unexpected Discovery

Unexpected Discovery

There's no point in rushing things - some pictures just take longer; and the beauty of media like this is that one come come back to them at a much later date, and repaint them; in fact, I've just repainted an oil I "finished" months ago - it had dried out sufficiently (I hope) for added work to be laid on top; and it didn't half need it..... I like this, with the caveat that oil pastel is best for simple compositions - this one is quite complicated. The only criticism I'd venture is that the leaves of your dark tree, the one fifth from the right, seem to overlap those of a tree which looks as though it's nearer to us: in reality, of course, this can happen and often does - but in painting it, judicious editing is called for; otherwise the eye gets confused with blocks of colour that are more overwhelming than the effect of thousands of separate leaves (which we can't paint, without going mad) at the actual scene.

Thank you Robert, I agree and didn't realise myself how complicated this was until I got about a third of the way through it. I "painted" it because It really inspired me so I stuck at it because I wanted to make it work. but you are right, it was much m,ore complicated than it first seemed.

Yes, having given it some thought and a long look, I might scrape off some of the green at the top of the said tree and amend it slightly..looking at it through fresh eyes and in the light of Robert's comment I can see what I didnt see before..

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Well so much for my picture a day!! This one took a week, left it out on my easel and chipped away at it every time I had a minute or two. This is in Well Woods West Wickham. I have been here lots and lots, but have never come across this spot before. The sun was shining through the trees and highlighting the purple flowers and making the grass shine like a halo!! It had to be painted. I have used oil pastels on gesso'd board.

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