I didn't see your previous piece, Louise, but this looks good. Oil pastels have a strenght and a depth that I like.

Plenty of light and colour in this, well done.

Much better - good luck with the oil paints! Ask, if advice required.

Thank you, Robert..the oils have just arrived, I have gone for Windsor and Newton Artist oils and bought Zest as the dilutant as a compromise to buying smelly chemicals. I want to keep it simple, have read some books and a bit of google...seems best to start thin and lean and build it up as the layers I on the right track? I haven't gone for any other texture gels etc as I want to keep it simple to start with and get used to the paint.

You are indeed right: I don't think you need texture gels in oil anyway - the paint itself has all the texture you need, provided it's not over-thinned. You don't always need to let layers dry, much depends on the texture of the paint and the amount of oil used with it - so use your Zest-it (which is the solvent, I think: I've not used it, preferring mineral spirits) in the early layers, and increase the oil content - Linseed oil isn't hazardous in any way - in the later ones. Some people don't use extra oil, but rely on that already in the paint - can make the paint hard to work, though. W & N artists' quality is a good choice.

Lovely light Louise.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have reworked the same picture as previously posted. My oil pastels are now in a proper state, many of the colours have completely melted into nothing now. I have ordered some oil paints, waiting for them to arrive with excitement..

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