Perfect, adds a touch of class to the cartoon snails!

Yes. This is super cool Louise - I think I like this the best of all your watercolours - simple yet superb.

Many thanks Christine and Joseph, I'm not sure what to say as this took literally minutes and was just a bit of fun in an attempt to join 'the snail club' which you might have spotted on the site..LOL

Fantastic Louise! You knocked us scribblers over board at one go!

Little blighters - they are always after my hostas - hate the little blighters! However, you have done a great job of making them look almost acceptable! Very nicely simple and super use of watercolour.

Lovely light hearted study,original also

Delightful.. Fully paid up member of the Snail Club!

Louise! WOW! Super painting.

thank you Satu, Thea, David, Sylvia, Ruth and Gudrun! Does this mean I'm in? lol

Louise I really like this (as I've said earlier) - I think your most successful pieces are the ones with very little or no backgrounds. Maybe it's because we are drawn to the colours and brush marks and the focal point doesn't loose itself within the background?

I know exactly what you mean Joseph. In fact, doing these quick sketches(the figures, not these snails) has given me an idea for another painting. I like my snails, but the subject isn't very commercial. I mean, who'd want these on their wall except perhaps another snail! All good practice though, we're learning all the time and I try and pick up a paint brush most days to keep up the momentum I suppose?

Snails at a snails' pace? More like another very fast and very clever piece that is just gorgeous!

Another of those 'why didn't I think of that?' postings- brill.

Lovely blending watercolour Louise. The little divils!

Of course you're in Louise!

Thanks Margaret, Michael, Carole and Satu, I'll sleep well tonight.!

Associate membership confirmed - if you wish to provide a sketch/cartoon with a strap line you can progress to full membership. How about adding 'I feel washed out!' to this one - it should do the trick but don't tell anyone I told you.

Briliiant!! You could do with a few holes in those leaves though.Lol!

Michael, no one mentioned any terms and conditions of membership..LOL

Really excellent stuff, Louise, made all the better laced with humor!

Hang on Studio Wall

Couldn't resist..

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