Coffee break


Just great! Love the composition and style.’re back! Lovely to see your work again, your animated figures and interesting plots and situations. Super variation of poses.

Thanks Lewis and Fiona. This is a typical local morning 'cafe culture' scene. I always wonder why not have a coffee when you get home but there again, perhaps I'm just

Was missing you Louise ,then saw it, and great to see you around .🌻

Super stuff, Louise! And thanks for your new comment. Love the way you’ve painted these people at their tables.

This is a challenging subject Louise, you tackle these so well.

Wonderful observation and drawing skills here Louise, and they’re actually drinking coffee and not on their mobiles! Love it.

Great to see these lovely and lively scenes. I always have the idea of how it would be nice to luxuriate in a café, then I think about the coffee beans I have at home and how one cup in a café costs nearly a whole bag of beans! It's different if you are on a special day out.

This is so good - really like how you've drawn this and the colours used - a great scene.

Many thanks Shirley, Alan, Tessa and Gudrun. It's lovely to hear from my pol friends after not posting for a while. I've realised now that I've missed you all! Not only the cost Gudrun but all the fancy names for the different coffees. I don't know what half of them are..for example what on earth is a 'macchiato' ? Ask for a coffee with milk and I'm met with a blank

This is so eye catching Louise. Love the medley of characters which must have taken so much patience and observation to paint. A great result and worthy of prominent wall space.

So much going on here Louise . Just great! A painting that tells a story.

Good to see you back - you've been posting about as often as I have, as in - hardly ever. More, more!

Lovely to see your work again, Louise!

Thanks Sarah, Carole, Dennis, Robert and Jenny. It's nice to be back among such nice people. At least, so far so good! lol

Been wondering where you were Louise. Brilliant grouping of chatting people.

Thanks Carole. Nice to be back after a break!

A very busy scene as so well portrayed Louise.

Thanks Val. Lovely to hear from you and hope you're well x

Knew it was yours immediately going back over gallery as have been away - great work, Louise

All been said. Wonderful drawing and interesting scene.

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watercolour 19 cm x 24 cm

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