Problem everywhere Louise, lovely funny topical painting.

Ooops. Our roads seem to have become a bit worn and potty. Subsidence is worst.

They're really bad aren't they. Instead of watching the traffic, I find myself looking out for the holes in the road and trying to avoid them.

Very very funny, Louise! I'm sure they're practising for their holiday on Gozo!!!

That's one way of looking at it Thalia :)

Well depicted Louise. They are reacting like I do...

Good subject, don't know how you think of them - well painted.

We're getting our roads resurfaced next week. Maybe. Perhaps. It should have been this week. We should use your marvelous painting in a campaign for better roads.

A real problem here too Louise but not as bad as some areas, there is a large resurfacing program starting on the main trunk road here mext week I think. Great topical narrative and painting!

Lucky you Lewis, our roads round here are the worst I've ever seen them. Hopefully they'll do a decent job repairing yours and not botch them up as often seems to happen. The subject came to me when trying to swerve round a few Maureen..blocked highway drains next maybe, another of my bugbears..lol. Take care Sylvia :)

Ouch! Nice one Louise.

With all your topical themes Louise, these could be in any newspaper. I just love the action in this, you are brilliant!

Louise, you should send this to your local council.. as an eye-opener for them. I think this is a problem in most places.

Posted on Thu 15 Mar 17:54:13

Big problem here too and your painting describes it so well,Louise. Wonderfully imaginative!

Great painting and so true Louise, the roads around here are full of the damn things, must be all that frost we had.

A good topic and painting Louise

Wonderful topical painting Louise. Potholes are a huge problem in Christchurch since the earthquakes as the roads are being repaired the cheapest way possible and develop holes in no time.

Ah, you've been to the Isle of Wight and experienced our roads, then? (There's a sign as you arrive saying 'Island roads are different' - and how very true that was; although I think that cuts to infrastructure spending are probably having the same results elsewhere over the last few years.) You've managed to make a somewhat grim experience colourful and almost playful, though. Like your strong mark-making, as usual.

Many thanks to you all. I could go on and on about the state of our roads but I do moan rather a lot so I'm told..lol

Very current and topical, I don't watch the news I just wait for one of your fine illustrations to keep me informed....excellent as always.

Super action Louise, A sign of the times all over the county.

Thank you Andre, you just made me smile and thank you too John!

This is great! Full of action with your humour there too.it illustrates a topical issue brilliantly

I have encountered the same problem around here too. I love your cyclists, will look out to hopefully see some like that in life :)

Nearly missed this one, what a nightmare everywhere Louise.

That's a drawing of roads U.K Louise. even the pavements are smashed to pieces with cars parking on them. Traffic wardens? Huh, what a laugh. And tell the girls little beast is on the way to make things worse....(-:

I love this :)

Don’t get me started on ‘potholes’ I think we’ll all be driving 4x4’s soon, they’re dreadful here. But this sketch made me smile, Louise.

Yes there's loads Louise

Thank you all, as you've guessed, I feel strongly about the state of our roads and the damage the potholes cause. The 'little beast' has arrived Jim..it's snowing again here :(

Hang on Studio Wall

A very quick sketch.. a real problem round here at the moment :(

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