Lively work Louise, multiple windows are a real pain aren't they? There is one guy who posts sketches here who leaves sections blank, I wonder if that would work with windows? Perhaps artists started to paint in a more abstract way to avoid too many windows!

Nice sketch, Louise.

Thanks Stephen and Cesare. I know which artist you mean Stephen but that would mean a lot of blank spaces here. Also, there are the windows reflections in the canal which mean twice as many. It would make a nice image but I'm not sure if I'm up to it really. I'll probably just blur them a bit and hope for the best..LOL. At least doing the sketch has given an idea which helps doesn't it?

Great sketch Louise but I for one could not undertake those windows! Scare me off.

I love this just the way it is Louise, leave it alone!

You're a brave lady if you tackle this again Louise but I like the immediacy and looseness of this one.

Thank you Carole, Christine, Val and Dennis. I expect that I'll give it a go now it's in my head and you might not hear from me again for some time as a result of window fatigue :)

If anyone can do those windows you can Louise! Think of them as your 'bridge' Full of life, love your pen marks.

You call it a sketch but it stands up in its own right - it's a great sketch.

You can do it gal! This is good for me however.

Great sketch Louise a difficult undertaking, but sure you're up to the task. Perhaps a few craft stamps might do the trick for the windows.

OK, I suppose I asked for that Fiona..LOL. Thanks and thanks Michael!

Thank you also Andre and Derek :)

For me it's just fantastic as it is Louise, I thoroughly enjoy those wonky windows and the random looking marks everywhere. There is so much more to look at and it leaves room for imagination. I love it!!

It's all been said Louise, a very good sketch which is really more than a sketch. It's finished.

Many thanks Satu and George!

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick pen and wash sketch of a Manchester scene which I'm debating whether to paint. There are an awful lot of windows to tackle though ..

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