Red bus.

Red bus.

Hi Louise again very nice but i would like to see a few loosely stated windows in the buildings not too much detail one brush stroke per window and this would be even better .i don't know if you agree or not . Not too many though or you take attention of the bus . A delicate balancing act i fear.

These buses add a lovely splash of colour and point of focus to your cityscapes Louise!

Thank you Dennis and Christine! My large sheets of khadi paper arrive this afternoon Dennis so I plan to try out a larger painting of the 'bus' subject. This one measures 15 cm sq so too much detail might look overworked here. A larger painting will need loose type windows added I think.

I like this recent change of subject Louise, using the buses as the focus. it will be interesting to see where the 'bus route' leads you to! If it's the 82 I could offer a cuppa!

Thank you Stephen !! I'm thinking trams now, lots of interesting things in the city centre !

Good luck Louise with the larger paper! The red bus looks great!

I love the idea of the bright red bus emerging from the smokey atmosphere of the city. The bus is brilliant and has huge impact. Great stuff.

I'm not speaking to you.......but I like your bus and can't wait to see what you do with the city trams!

Love the red bus, takes me back to my school days! ( the wheels of the bus go round and round;)) 'oh eck can't get the song out of my mind now!

Agree with all, it's a great one Louise

Hang on Studio Wall

A red bus... Funnily enough, we seem to have different coloured buses in Manchester. Now I'm noticing them, looking at them more closely and should perhaps do some

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