Flight of fantasy.

Flight of fantasy.

I like your nonsense Lewis keep the coming.

Love it, Lewis. The detail in your work is amazing. Do you have more than one painting on the go at any time?

I like your nonsense, too, Lewis :) Love that lazy waxing moon.

Posted by C Jones on Sat 05 May 07:22:03

Thanks for your comments and encouragement. Yes Seth, I often have more than one thing on the go, I have three 'projects' at the moment...but with the better weather arriving my output may go down. (I guess that makes me the opposite of other painters.)

I am with Barry , keep 'em coming. Nice way to start the day.

It's fun looking at them, Lewis, too! Love the sleezy look on the moon's face! And the self satisfied King!

Keep having fun Lewis. It's good for us all.

Love it! You produce something magical every day Lewis!

I love to tune in for your latest piece of nonsense Lewis, which it is anything but nonsense. A landscape to go with this one, like the little face peering out of the tail gunners hole!

Great, you have a wonderful imagination Lewis. Extraordinary expressions, even the moon has a personality.

Hang on Studio Wall

Some nonsense. A bit like my 'catching flying fish' pic...but hey, it's fun drawing them. Watercolour.

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