Under Milk Wood.

Under Milk Wood.

(Continued from the description). Above the washing line, is the widow Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, and her two dead husbands, Mr Ogmore and Mr Pritchard. They live together (??) in her guest house. But she won't have guests because 'they'll make a mess.' She's a fussy despot always bossing her husbands around. She tells them, if they open the doors to let the sun in, make sure it wipes it's feet. Captain Cat says she polishes her potatoes. In the middle is the postman, Willy Nilly. He steams open all the letters and reads them, when he delivers them he tells the recipients what's in them. They don't seem to mind. On the middle right is Nogood Boyo, a randy fisherman, who is useless at catching fish, but has more luck with the ladies. They are many wonderful characters I haven't included...like Butcher Beynon, Mr Organ Morgan, and Dai Bread the baker. 16 x 12. Mixed media.

https://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/arts-culture-news/under-milk-wood-tom-jones-6998096 I have just added a link Lew , I don’t know if it’s possible to connect with it. It’s Katherine Jenkins as Polly Garter and Tom Jones as Captain Cat it is a superb production. This is a lovely illustration of it .

Wonderful, Lewis.

Yes Sylvia, I have the dvd with Tom Jones as Captain Cat. I think it's far better than the Richard Burton movie, but the play was written for the radio and that's where I first heard it. I was a teenager more interested in adventure stories, but Under Milk Wood blew me away.

I also remember the radio version as a child: just wonderful- as is your painting Lewis! I realise you must put a lot of research into your work. All your characters are spot on. Well done matey!

Wow so brilliant Lewis😀😀

Didn't see the film or listened to the radio version, but your characters are as good as ever, 😁

Another great representation Lewis, Love these.

Excellent as always Lewis.

Our education continues with brilliant illustration as well. Shame Mr Organ Morgan got left out !!

Just brilliant Lewis, I’ve got to listen to it again now! I will be able to put a face to the characters.

Rather brilliantly portrayed Lew, amazing stuff.

WOW! Stunning work, Lewis, and one of my very favourite poems/play. The production you speak of Sylvia i think is the BBc one?? if so it is fantastic. Brilliantly funny and tightly emotive as is your painting Leiws, of all the characters. We had a superb rendition in Villa Rundle for the centenary of his birth four years ago. This too was superb! Keep'em coming Lewis please!!!

Can't believe how prolific you are Lewis. Another belter.

Carolyn...I'm not that prolific...often I show pics a year or so old, or sketches. I sketch a lot, but do maybe one or two paintings a week if I can. This one I started on Saturday. Pretty soon I shall run out of pics.

Oh this is wonderful Lewis, you are a supremely talented illustrator

Its all been said and I go with all the complements, Super work Lewis.

Love this :)

Hang on Studio Wall

A few characters from Dylan Thomas' masterpiece. If you don't know the play or need reminding, perhaps I should say who they are. It's set in a Welsh fishing village named 'Llareggub'...a rude word spelt backwards. On the bottom right sits Blind Old Captain Cat, he dreams of the love of his life, Rosie Probert, and his old shipmates...now all dead. Bottom left, near the washing line, is the promiscuous Polly Garter...much loved, but ill used. (I will continue this in the 'comments' section.)

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