Love them both, Lewis.

Two beautiful Tigers. They make lovely paintings with their gorgeous markings.

Not quite everyone Lew, at least I didn't anyway. Probably because I just don't paint animals, although I do love tigers and care about conservation. The oil is a super portrait but is the normal pose that we see daily (a sort of hunter's trophy pose). The other is a much more interesting animal, in its habitat and roaming free. It's a good illustration and the style that you seem to have developed since, and for good reasons.

For the record Lewis you should have kept going with the oils. And thats a delightful watercolour.

Love both Tigers Lewis, you should do more animals they are great paintings 😀

Both look great to me Lew.

Thanks to everybody looking, and for your comments.

Love them both...and I've definitely never painted a tiger, not brave enough to tackle them!!

Both these paintings look wonderful Lewis, the oil is excellent and your watercolour is more in line with your work today. Your skill shines through every painting.

Both are great. I think I attempted painting tigers once although did many drawings of tigers. Not easy.

Posted on Mon 09 Apr 16:55:28

both fab paintings lewis ,very talented artist

Wow Lewis what a pair of tigers, love them.

Hang on Studio Wall

I suppose everybody paints these beautiful animals at some point. I've done it twice in fifty odd years. On the left , way back when I was struggling with oils...and more recently in watercolour. The background came from various sources. I like ferns, I have a small 'fernery' in my garden, so there are a few ferns in the picture...plus a couple of house plants we had at the time. I wasn't happy with the fur texture on the watercolour, but otherwise thought it OK.

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