Page 18-Growing up project-mixed media.

Page 18-Growing up project-mixed media.

I remember so clearly this time of my life - uncertainty!

That's a blast from the past Lewis, I used to work for Radio Rentals on a Saturday whilst still at school. The least said about exams the better :)

Excellent Lew. Your posts ring so many bells. I left Technical College without even taking the exams. I knew inside myself my parents couldn't afford to keep me or buy new uniforms for a fast-growing 16 year I left and went to work. I really wanted to go to art school but became an apprentice engineer instead. I did get a First Class Advanced City and Guilds at Patternmaking and finished second in all England that year. I think my dad was a bit proud, but he wasn't a man who said much. (-:

This is so right, Lewis! A time of limbo, when I said I wanted to go to art school, everyone said 'get a proper job' I did, went to another all girls college to be a teacher!

I remember these days very well, the present I forget;)). I hated school, (Catholic). Didn't learn much except religion, religion! Left school at 15. My saviour was going to college to get GCE's and then nurse training school, (no university required then), never looked back, achieved all I set out to do. I really love your pages Lew, brings it all back 🤗

Thank you for your comments, and fascinating remembrances. I'm working on the next page and Russell's 'uncertainty' , and Jim's 'worry about his Dad affording keeping him at college' feature in my own life (and on the next page)...and all of ours, I guess. The switch from school to the real world is pretty overwhelming.

A fascinating series Lew.

rings so many bells , Lewis , - I flunked history and wood work (still can't cut a straight edge !!!!) and I still can't remember ever "doing" any theory work , history was a shock since I passed OK in the "mock" and can't remember problems in the actual - wasn't invited back to the sailing club run by the History master !!

Congratulations Lewis, then and now. I really enjoy your work.

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All about 'O' level exams. I have several clear memories about this time. Very strict rules in the exam room. The papers waiting, upside down, on the desk. We couldn't touch them until a teacher told us to begin. The exams latest a week or more. One in the morning, and one in the afternoon. On the days when we had no exams, we still had 'lessons'. Sometimes we'd taken the exam, and some of the teachers wanted to go through the questions with us. This seemed pointless, and only added to the sense of apprehension. Only the art teacher spared us this...not quite the same thing as maths or physics of course, he got us drawing as normal. On the days when we had no exams they should have let us stay home. Soon after the exams were over, school holidays began. The long wait for the results, the relief when I did OK. We've all been there.

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