Growing up in London-Page7

Growing up in London-Page7

A happy read wth my wheatabix Lew. 🌻

Love the first day at school uniforms Lewis. I had to smile at that one and how many times since then must we all have said 'they'll grow into it'? Despite it being too big, that was a nice uniform and easy to spot from a distance not that there was as much traffic then. We all walked and my walk was a long one! I went to a girls school and the grey school hat was always taken off once we were some distance from school and shoved in a school satchel.

This project is moving along nicely Lew, super drawings of course.

Fab! Now you’ve got me thinking what happens with Ethel later- the mind boggles! I remember my school uniform, brown and blue with horrible thick wool tights in winter. Also we weren’t allowed to eat or drink in the street while in uniform, that wouldn’t go down well now would it? This is proceeding really well.

Thank you Sylvia, Louise and Alan. More text than pictures this time, I must admit since starting I've thought it would have been easier as mostly text with a few illustrations. But I won't change it now.

Great again Lew. Absolutely laughed aloud at the oversize uniforms.I bet quite a few of us can relate to lots of what you write. I sure can and look forward to the next page....

Thanks for the recent, hilarious episode. Look forward to seeing your work Lewis.

Made me smile - I think all Mums did this....I did with my 2 but not too big! Cant wait to find out what happens to Ethel.

Thanks again for all your wonderful feedback. Tessa and Carolyn, all I can say for now about Ethel is that she suddenly changes from a nuisance to...well...not sure how I'm going to handle that yet.

An Absolutely delightful read. and as usual your paintings of all the different characters match the story so well well done Lewis

That's brilliant again Lewis. And I can't wait for the teenage episode.

Makes me smile - great story telling and art work, Lewis - looking forward to hearing about Ethel.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another part of my ongoing project. A bit wordy this one, because I wanted to move on a bit. The problem is more about deciding what to leave out. The stuff about the school clothes is true. They had to be bought from ONE specific shop, and were VERY expensive for poor Mum and Dad. I might have exaggerated a bit. Mixed media.

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