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Good riddance I'd say...poor Fred! His life can only get better now!! Brilliant drawing again, Lewis!

Fabulous sketching, can’t wait for the next episode, better than tv.

Am so enjoying the story unfold and your drawing skills are wonderful.

Thank you Thalia, Dixie and Heather.

Great drawing, Lewis, looking forward to the next episode!

Aww, isn’t life wonderful. Fred will be as happy as Larry in no time. Love your illustrations and stories Lewis. Thank you for cheering everyone up. Stay safe.

There must be more, can't wait.

Posted by Bob Ward on Tue 24 Mar 10:56:13

And then .......??????!!!! Wonderful stuff Lewis.

Riveting. Cannot wait 'til Fred's next episode. Great stuff.

Aww, she's not worth it!

Thanks to all for your great feedback and encouragement...I guess right now, we all wish we could go off on some dream trip.

This is so entertaining / amusing! The drawing is amazing. I hope there's another episode!

Been great following Fred. Think he is lucky !!!

Great drawings, great story and super close. Fred will hopefully find he can actually get along just fine without her. If only he'd shave that beard off. *smile* Bri

another rib tickler with some pathos to start it off. Are episodes weekly or daily ? Keep them coming , Lewis , need some sunshine at present

Hang on Studio Wall

Setting the scene. (Drawn with pen, color-pencils and compiled in photoshop.)

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