A Scottish woman and her dog who sold me some acrylic paint at Corbridge car boot today

A Scottish woman and her dog who sold me some acrylic paint at Corbridge car boot today

Unfortunate indeed Mick. Your life seems to have been full of "misfortunes"!

Michael, you should write a book...with illustrations! lol I hope you are going to continue your 'life in pictures', they do make me smile. But on a serious note, this is an excellent figure painting, you've caught the momentum of her stride wonderfully. I'm going to a car boot on Sunday, I wonder if I will have such an exciting time....I hope so!

Thanks Fiona. I must stop this or go for counselling. I really did buy some acrylic paint for £2 off a Scottish lady. She didn't have a dog and all we spoke about was the impending rain. I hope you have good luck at your car boot on Sunday. If you see a man that looks like George Clooney just get past him quickly.

Excellent drawing and excellent story, which I love. Keep them coming and as Fiona has said, you have a book .....

Good pastel and story. £2 for a box of acrylics, you should Brie well pleased Michael.

Thanks John. The more material I have the more work I produce the more lies I tell.

Michael you are funny I love your tales😉 This is a lovely picture.

Thanks Carole. I love your work too.

I can imagine a book of your illustrations called A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The ........... A fun slice of life, even if the truth is stretched a bit.

Thanks Sarah. 'The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant' (S. Dali).

So true Michael, so very true.

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Pastel. A Scottish woman and her dog who sold me some acrylic paint at Corbridge today. I saw a box of acrylic paint (new and sealed) and I asked the lady how much it was. 'Two pound' she said in a Scottish accent. I bought it and as I walked away she shouted, 'Did you know you bear a striking resemblance to George Clooney. I'll buy you a coffee at Fill Yer Boots later if you like. I pretended I hadn't heard and walked on. I caught sight of her later with her dog at Fill Yer Boots but I looked away in embarrassment. I thought, 'I had a close shave there'. Later I bought some card to use with pastels. Other than that unfortunate incident I had a lovely day.

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