I think there's a bit of a resemblance Michael. 'HOW' I ask myself? Good painting!

Thanks Margaret. You should see the photo of Tonto McManus, he's my absolute image.

Be careful Michael he may speak with forked tongue😧. Anyway he is very impressive!

Did you know Michael like the drink it was the white man who gave the Indians the scalping.

Him look mighty cheesed of Michael, have you upset him,is he on the warpath 😮

You know, I don't ever recall seeing a Red Indian smiling Linda. Scalping isn't a happy business.

You old villain Michael. I lived no more than a mile from Bolton's Wrighton Stadium where they staged televised wrestling almost weekly. I have seen Mick McManus, Billy Two Rivers, Jim Hussey, Bert Royal, Kendo Nagasaki and all the rest of then loads of times. Lew Faulkner, father of Bert Royal and Vic Faulkner, had a pub near my place of work where we went every Friday lunch time. You brought back happy days..well done...(-:

I remember all them Jim. Me and my dad used to watch them, and more, on a Saturday afternoon. Billy Two Rivers was supposed to be a Mohican and had a Mohican hair cut but was probably from Bolton. Mick McManus was the man they loved to hate.

My goodness Michael, I would sit on my mums knee to watch the wrestling on Saturday afternoons! Mick McManus was my favourite....and Adrian Street? This is a great painting!

Jack Pallo was the one that I remember, I think it was his hair, luckily he had not crossed arrows with your Billy!!! Nice memories, thanks Michael.

Was Jacky Pallo another of the time, isn’t he the one who wore his hair tied back with a black ribbon? I liked him too! What a great flashback in time. Lol

Thanks Fiona and Jennifer. Yes, Jacky Pallo, he and Mick were supposed to hate each other. Jacky did have his hair tied back like that Fiona. Strange way to make a living. The memorabilia can be worth a few bob nowadays. Me and my dad used to wonder if we were related to Mick. We were both Micks too. We never discovered if we were related but based on Mick's physique I don't think so. We are the most beautiful McManuses.

I like both your paintings and your dreams , Michael.

How! Sorry, couldn't resist Mick. I thought I was the only one who had weird dreams!

Thanks Cesare and Adele. It's good to dream Adele.

I remember Billy Two Rivers and Giant Haystack?

Salvadore Dali eat your heart out.... Surrealism in a painting without surrealism. Great story and again nicely painted.

I think we all thought he was a real Red Indian Carole. You've got it Andre! My personal style of surrealism. I reckon it's unique. Do you know of anyone else that does this form of surrealism Andre?

Billy Two Rivers is actually a real full-blown Mohawk Indian from Canada. He retired from wresting in the seventies. He's still going strong and has been a leader of the Mohawk nation. A mate of mine in Canada knows all about him.

Thanks for that Jim. I always though it was part of his publicity. I think I can recall the commentator (forgot his name too) saying he was a real Indian when he got into the ring. Great characters.

Probably Kent Walton Michael. He was the main one. The Wryton Stadium was originally The Palladium Cinema, A wrestling venue, The Blue Lagoon Nightclub and then a skate board park, All gone now, sadly, but I remember them all.

That's him Jim, Kent Walton. Thanks.

Hang on Studio Wall

An image that came to me subconsciously in a dream last night. 'I'm your ancestor, Billy Two Rivers McManus, taker of many scalps' he said and asked, 'are there any scalps you'd like me to take for you?' 'Yes please' I said, 'dozens, let's get started Billy'. After 8 scalps taken by Billy I woke up and immediately went into a state of automatic surrealism and did this watercolour. At least I got a few sorted out. Come back soon Billy.

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