He's dead, '......... a candle lights his head'

He's dead,   '......... a candle lights his head'

Terrific portrait, Michael, very expressive.

Another cracking portrait Michael... A Hollywood child actor now? Who's telling porkies? :)

Thanks Louise. I was so gorgeous when I was a child. Women would get angry when they saw how long my eyelashes were. Word soon got out internationally and I was invited over to the USA by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Sadly my parents returned with me to the UK after a short period of time because they were concerned for my moral welfare in Hollywood.

In your dreams Michael..LOL ( and I am laughing!)

Poor Judd!! Great portrait Michael. Love this show!

Thanks Bob and well spotted for Jud Fry. He had a heart of gold and he wasn't very old, oh why did such a fellow have to die? And what a great actor Rod Steiger was.

No wonder you gave up the acting career Michael. Very expressive piece.

Superb portrait Mick! A new one to me, had to look him up. I think you're still acting Mick....lol You definitely deserve an Oscar for this performance.

Thanks Fiona. I bet you would enjoy Rod Steiger and Sydney Poitier in 'The heat of the night', a profound comment on US racism. Acting has to be another great form of art - two of the greatest in this film.

One of my top films Mick, excellent film and I've always admired both actors. Another of my favourite films but rather more the book, is 'To Kill a Mocking Bird'. I remember reading the book in English Lit, I think I was about 12 or 13 years old and I've read it several times since.

Your life sounds as varied as mine! (I used to teach child actors, while they were on location around the South West and Wales) He looks very frightening to be with children! but the Jimmy Saville was allowed!

He was a nice man Linda.

Oh wow, a super Pastel Michael.

Your portraits are so interesting Michael.....pity you had to leave tinsel town you missed your vocation;))

Double lips with blood on them! Grrrrrr....

Thanks Carole, Margaret and Satu. I know Carole. The public said I was the greatest gift to the world from the north of England. So, it was a loss to the world but I was glad to come home.

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Pastel. An actor I met in Hollywood on the film set of 'Oklahoma' when I was a child actor in 1955.

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