Walking away


😂 you do make me laugh Michael! I’ve always wanted to say that, and with a lip curled sneer, to boot. How satisfying, in the right context of course. A fine figure, no wonder you didn’t want her to leave….lovely lines, lovely shape.

What I especially like is all the layers of colour you can see. Plus, of course, the artist in his fantasy world, OOPS! What am I saying?🤭😂

Thanks Marjorie. I am an artist. This means that I live in a perverse, fantasy world with unrealistic expectations. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for making me laugh again Michael! This is a fabulous painting of a beautiful body walking away and I love the blue hair.

A stunner, beautifully painted, and who'd want her to walk away.

Beautiful contours and shades to give a fantastic form Michael. Colours great too. Never mind, there will be more …….😥

Thanks Lewis and Carole. oh no Carole, tell them to go away.

Super nude ... how could she bear (bare) to leave you!?

She is a stunner Michael, and your painting isn't bad too!

Beautiful woman, now why would she want to walk away from such a charismatic character, unless you really did something bad? Lovely painting Michael

Thanks David and Carole. I suppose I’m saying that, as opposed to my made up babe magnet/lovely image personality, I have the capability of being just the opposite, made up of course.

Just great and as always your accompanying anecdote adds so much!

Hang on Studio Wall

I begged her to stay. ‘What am I going to do?’ I asked her pitifully as she walked away. ‘Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn‘, she told me. Watercolour.

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