Phases of Fiona 3

Phases of Fiona 3

Like the look for Fiona, Michael.

Thanks Adele. Yes, the eyes are non-hyper on this one.

This is spooky, the 'lassie' could be eyes and plaits! I'm liking the elegant Fiona the watercolourist.

My daughter in law is Muir and from Glasgow. She has those eyes and high cheek bones which I associate with the Scottish Gaelic look. It was the watercolour spirit that decided what you looked like though, not me. It obviously sees you as a Celt. That's a nice look. All the McManuses, as far back in history as you can go, were pretty and handsome.

Oh definiately a Celt mother had black hair and green eyes ( I think she had a drop of Irish Romany in her genes) and my great grandfather was Patrick Malone from the Emerald Isle. He came over to work on the farms and estates in the mid 1800's and made up part of the population of Galloway irish who settled in this area.

Good craik Fiona. We have a few Pats in our family too.

Hang on Studio Wall

Fiona as the lassie and the watercolourist. Watercolour sketch done at the Deerness Art Group today.

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